Our Vision

To work collaboratively to educate and inform the community-at-large about how to promote a healthy, safe, substance and stigma-free environment which encourages the development of a positive lifestyle for our youth and reduces at-risk teen behavior.

Our Mission

To increase awareness of current trends in the drug misuse epidemic and foster a positive lifestyle for our youth is the primary goal.  One of the intents of the Coalition is to become the Morris County hub to provide and disseminate information to parents, family members and the community.

This coalition was established with educational leaders, law enforcement, municipal leaders and residents to unify our prevention efforts and community resources in the Morris County area.

Our Objectives

  • To reduce chronic underage drinking, substance abuse and high-risk teen behavior.
  • Support at-risk teens and their families.
  • Unify networking among educational leaders, law enforcement, municipal leaders and
  • Provide youth programs to help increase self-esteem and confidence.
  • To provide assistance, support and resources to local Municipal Alliance organizations.
  • Promote parent and teen networking events.
  • Promote safe homes and safe community environments.
  • Provide treatment information and options.
  • Expose youth to various career opportunities.
  • Share relative information with elected officials. 

Strategies To Support Our Objectives

  • Parent and student programs.
  • Unify community resources.
  • Organize and present parent programs on relevant topics for parents of middle and high school students.
  • Promote “Safe Homes” program.
  • Encourage alternative substance free activities for teens in the community.
  • Assist in reviewing sound school policies regarding alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in and around school.
  • Publicize school prevention efforts on local access television programs.
  • Targeted social media campaign.
  • Maintain a social media site to enlighten and motivate community members and organizations to take positive actions.
  • Encourage school districts to share pertinent curricula resource