When she was hired as the East Hanover Schools Superintendent in 2017 Bartlett said this was a dream job.  After she moved from Caldwell to East Hanover, she saw what a caring community it was. When she took the job of Superintendent, her goal was to get the schools administrators, the council, police department,  and fire department working together. Now Natalee Bartlett is named “Person of The Year’ by the Italian American Club and she will be honored at the Columbus Day Parade and the community she loves stands behind her.

Bartlett owns a Middle School Eagles baseball jersey, that she wears when she sits in the stands and has made the trip to the mound several times with the team celebrating championship titles. She sits in the bleachers for volleyball and basketball games and even runs out onto the field, in uniform for all championship games that hers students participate in.

She rode with Santa on a Firetruck to visit Frank J Smith, Central Elementary and Middle School to kick off winter break and She knows the families of East Hanover and understands them so well; this is because she too is raising her family here in East Hanover. She is works hard with and for her staff and the students are excited to learn.

Bartlett has united this community with her passion to not only make the schools work in harmony, but the entire community too. Each year the schools create a welcome back video in September featuring Mayor Joseph Pannullo, Police Chief Christopher Cannizzo, Fire Chief Carmine Davino , and many other public servants and school staff. She supports all charity events held by the community and first responders and has worked double time to grow the community bonds, beyond the books.  Last year the East Hanover School and Police Department held a volley ball game at Hanover Park in front of a standing room only crowd with all the proceeds going to Halos For Angels. Last week the police took the time to alert the public to re-opening of the schools by walking with the kids who walk home, safely navigating intersections and reminding both walkers and motorists of the traffic rules. During the holidays, Bartlett hosted ‘Shop with a Cop’ at Target in East Hanover. The list of collaborative events is endless, and all of them are well supported and well attended.

In 2017,  thirty staff members of the East Hanover School District, including the Districts Principals, Bartlett and the Districts Safety Specialists Principal Kerry Quinn, Principal Stacie Costello, and Vice Principal Michael Calomino took part in Trauma training. The training was conducted by the Morris County Office of Emergency Management and ensured preparedness in response to crisis events such as school security threats and or dangers to the school environment.

These are just a few events Bartlett coordinated to ensure East Hanover is a community that works together.  Her job is what she calls “a dream” and East Hanover is where she calls home. In October, the community will call her one of the best of their own, living out the hashtag that identifies everything East Hanover, #WeAreEH”